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Potty Training Part 2 – Essential Items

by admin on January 22, 2010

Following on from Potty Training Part 1 – How to know when your child is read, here are some things you can’t do without when potty training

1)  A Potty – Initially my daughter didn’t have enough balance to sit on the loo trainer seat. We ended up with three potties dotted around the house, to make life easier.

The Baby Bjorn Potty Chair REDBaby Bjorn Potty Chair is good because it’s comfortable . It’s £24.99 and comes in a variety of colours.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair Blue

Or there’s always the Fisher-Price My Potty FriendFisher-Price My Potty Friend. This all singing, all dancing potty is the King of Potties! It’s £24.99.

Fisher-Price My Potty Friend

2) Trainer seat

The The First Years Soft Trainer Toilet SeatFirst Years Soft Toilet Trainer Seat currently £9.79, is great because is has handles, ideal for younger ones to help them balance.

3) Portable Potty – essential when you are going out.

Bibs and Stuff Potette Plus PinkTommee Tippee Portable Potette Plus and linersBibs and Stuff Potette Plus Pink £12.98

This product is fantastic. Not only can it be used as a portable potty, the legs fold out and it can become a trainer seat to go on top of a loo too. Why didn’t I come up with that idea???

4) Supply of wipes – Please remember most wipes can’t be flushed down the loo, so they need to go in the bin – check on the packet.

Miltons wipes are also useful to clean the portable potty seat if you’re out an about.

5) Supply of underwear

I bought training pants and Pampers Pull Ups Feel and Learn nappies but didn’t need to use them.

6) Leggings/Tracksuit Bottoms – they are easy to pull up/down in a hurry and you can change your child in minutes if they have any accidents. Try M&S, Next or H&M.

7) Nappy bags – to wrap clothes in for accidents

8) Several changes of clothes when you go out – you never know when you’ll need them.

9) A supply of treats!

Potty Training Part 3 – Top 10 Tips coming soon.

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