As part of The Telegraph Online’s fortnightly feature on top expats on Twitter, I was recently interviewed about my views on Twitter.

You can check out the interview here. You can find out my three recommendations of who to follow on Twitter and my advice to other expats looking to get started on it.

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#Twitterfail #Twitterfail #Twitterfail

by admin on October 28, 2010

The thing with modern technology is that you expect it to work, you expect things to run quickly and smoothly. So when something goes wrong, it drives you nuts! (Think screaming, shouting, steam coming out of your ears-kind of nuts – doesn’t actually achieve anything at all).

Twitter has failed me in a big way. WAY TO GO TWITTER! I have lost access to the Twitterverse and am having to go cold turkey, enforced by Twitter due to some major technical error that they have so far been unable to fix. I can’t tweet or read other people’s tweets. It’s been nearly a week now and it’s driving me CRAZEEE! I miss it, I miss finding out what’s going on in the social media world and I don’t want my 1,000+ followers to desert me (please!).

The problem is, the service is free, so, despite being immensely furious, I can’t jump up and down like I would if it was something I paid for. So I just have to wait – patiently.

Putting a positive spin on it, perhaps it’ll do me good. I’ll have more time on my hands.

Come on Twitter, get your act together.

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